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Discover innovative solutions for everyday challenges, uniquely crafted through 3D printing technology. At Made By Michael Goods, we specialize in designing practical products that enhance daily living. Our approach combines the efficiency of on-demand printing with the agility of fast upgrades, ensuring that our solutions are not only cost-effective but also constantly evolving based on real user feedback. Join us in our journey of problem-solving and innovation.

3D printed CPAP Caddy holding a CPAP machine and mask

CPAP Caddy

The CPAP Caddy is designed to organize and hold your CPAP machine, mask, and hose neatly. Made from durable material, it's lightweight and portable, making it easy to travel with. Its sleek design ensures it fits well in any bedroom setting.

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3D printed CPAP Tray under a CPAP machine


The CPAP Tray offers a convenient solution for storing your CPAP device and accessories. It features a compact design with ample space for your machine, mask, and other items, keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

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About Made By Michael Goods

Founded in March 2023, Made By Michael Goods began as a personal quest to solve a common frustration with CPAP machines. Our first product, the CPAP Caddy, was born out of necessity to keep CPAP masks securely in place. This initial innovation led to the creation of the CPAP Tray, a practical solution to protect furniture from water spills. Today, we continue to view the world through the lens of problem-solving, seeking out unique opportunities to create small-batch 3D printed items that add real value to people's lives. We're more than just a small home business; we're innovators and creators, dedicated to exploring new ideas and potentially expanding our reach through drop shipping for CPAP machine suppliers.

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